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How To Use Excel 2020 to Create a Simple Gantt Chart Template

As a chart designer and a Microsoft Excel user myself, I want to show you how you can use your MS Office file to create a simple Gantt chart. The chart I’m going to show you is very basic and only shows the top twenty biggest items on each month’s list of sales. But if you are looking for a quick chart that shows you how many items you have in stock, this is the chart for you.

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The first thing you need to do is download and install Excel 2020 on your computer. When you open it up you’ll find that it’s already installed. If you want to use it right away you can save a copy of it on your hard drive or onto your USB stick, but if you are interested in future projects you might want to download a simple template for yourself.

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Next, open up Excel and go to File and then Manage. Select the Data tab. Under that section is a new feature called New Chart. Click that and find a template for your personal needs.

Top 10 Best Gantt Chart Templates For Microsoft Excel Sheets Throughout Simple Gantt Chart Template Excel Download

In the next step, you’ll find a new menu with three buttons: New Chart, View and Print. You’ll also notice that you now have an option to use the entire report. So for the top twenty biggest items on the monthly sales report, you can just click New Chart.

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Now, to the main reason for clicking New Chart, to fill out the information for the other sheet you’ll see, which is the part of the sheet that’s where the details of the items are shown. Look for and click on the Report tab. In the next two tabs you’ll see a number of different things like a Time column and a Product column. For the Gantt chart, we are using the Product column.

Simple Gantt Chart Excel Template Free Download And 30 Awesome For Simple Gantt Chart Template Excel Download

The column’s name is Columns, and it contains the columns of the table you see right there. These columns are what will show you the sales totals. The other two columns are known as the Time column and the Columns tab.

The Time column is the date, hours, minutes and seconds of when the item was created. Then you have the Columns tab, which gives you the name and amount of time that the item has been in a certain slot in the list. To get these values, go to the Tab Keys section in the right-hand column and select the numbers from the top row.

For example, if you’re going to be looking at the items listed with the highest dollar value, the Time column will have values on the column designated $100,000. Then you will have to click on the Columns tab and the values will be shown on the right hand side of the table. To look up the time at any other time you can click on the column and it will show you the corresponding date.

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The next column will give you the total price of the item, then the next one will be the percentage of the value that the item sells for in a month. The last column will give you the cost to sell. To make the chart more interesting, you can also put in any value you want and it will update the chart automatically.

To show you how easy it is to use this, I’m going to assume that you know the numbers one to twenty most of the time, and that you don’t mind looking up the time of the items and putting in their date and time. Here’s the template for you to use to create a simple Gantt chart. Just look for the Columns tab, and create a new one, name it columns and putin the list.

You can then run the time column for the top twenty biggest items and put in the time for each of them. After you’re done, click on the column and look up the corresponding date and time. for the items listed. YOU MUST READ : Simple Gantt Chart Template

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