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As a result, any salesperson who uses a sales team tracking spreadsheet for his work will appreciate that more than they would if they had to use a sheet to keep track of their sales team. That’s the way to a good sales team tracking spreadsheet. Enjoy!3 Important Sales Team Tracking Spreadsheet Rules

In order to build a sales team tracking spreadsheet, you have to remember three rules. All three are very important to remember.

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Rule one is to understand the people who will be working with you and your products. If you don’t know who these people are, then they won’t be comfortable in the business environment that you’ve created for them. You must focus on that.

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A better word to use when talking about the people who are working with you is to define the skill level of the people. Obviously the “new guy” will need more coaching than the college graduate. By the same token, the CEO, the top salesperson, and the CEO’s wife may be the most talented salespeople in the organization, but if they aren’t skilled enough, they won’t feel that they are part of the solution.

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There’s always room for improvement. You’ll never have all the salespeople you want, so how will you ever be able to make the most out of them? You need to figure out what’s best for the organization, or the top of the organization, and that means doing what works best.

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A good idea is to write down all the goals you’ve set and create a list of the tasks that need to be done to meet those goals. A sales tracking spreadsheet will make this much easier. If your goal is to get all the important calls to pick up the phone turned around in two days, this is not going to be accomplished by giving a more popular meeting. It’s going to take more people, more time, and more tactics to get it done.

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This is also why it’s so important to know who is behind the sales team. The CEO has to know his financial analysts, the manager who drives the customer experience team needs to know theCFO, and the CEO has to know his two top men, his executive vice president, and his one or two top salesmen. Each of these people is important, and it’s good to know how to refer to them.

Also, and maybe the most important rule to remember, is to create a relationship chart. Use something like OmniFocus for this, or even Google Sheets. If you can find a pen and paper, then you can get a spreadsheet, if you can’t, then you can make one on the computer and continue to go back to the graph as needed.

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If your business can’t afford an elaborate system, then just think about creating a sales team tracking spreadsheet. When you write out all the tasks, you can add the information as you go. For example, when you meet with each person, mark the date on the spreadsheet, and change that date, or you can put an “A” next to it.

Don’t try to reach every member of your sales team using a spreadsheet. One salesperson is usually enough to give a company a good idea of what to expect, or in this case, what not to expect. But try to get as many people as possible to use the spreadsheet to get the job done right.

The ability to manage your own sales team is essential, as well. You will need to know the names of all your team members, and this can only be done through a spreadsheet. Use the spreadsheet for your own benefit and only as a resource to other people, not as a reference guide. LOOK ALSO : sales tax tracking spreadsheet

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