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Jewelry Inventory – How to Use a Jewelry Inventory Spreadsheet to Make Your Collection More Profitable

Jewelry inventory is essential for most of us who work with jewelry. Even if you have very little jewelry at home, it is always better to keep an inventory. I’ll show you how to do that and get you a jewelry inventory spreadsheet.

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Jewelry inventory is the first step when you begin your collection. The reason is, if you’re not able to find something, you can use the jewelry inventory spreadsheet to begin your search for items.

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Let’s start with a jewelry inventory spreadsheet. You can go online and search for “jewelry inventory spreadsheet”. It is available free of charge. I use it to keep track of my collection.

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Here’s what a jewelry inventory spreadsheet looks like. There is a column for each piece of jewelry you own. Below the list you’ll find columns for:

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Gemstones: you’ll see what gemstones are included in the piece you’ve chosen. In addition to gemstones, you’ll also see the value of the stone in the piece. You can also see the metal content of the piece. In some cases, there will be more than one gemstone in the piece, such as diamonds and rubies.

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Quality: we need to know if the gems are of top quality. These will depend on the value and color of the gemstones. Also, the quality of the metal in the gemstones can determine the value of the gemstones. For example, the value of copper in a gold piece depends on the size of the piece. The smaller the piece, the less copper will be in the piece.

Selling price: When you go to sell the piece, it will help you decide the amount you should ask for the piece. If you’re selling the piece online, you can go to an online auction site and see what the asking price is. You can also look at online prices listed on jewelry stores. In either case, you should always choose a selling price that is at least 40% less than the worth of the piece.

Type: you should know if the piece is automatic or manual. Most pieces are automatic, but you don’t have to choose that if you don’t want to. You can also have more than one piece of jewelry in the inventory. If you have more than one piece, you may need to have more than one column. You can add columns to store the pieces you’ve already sold so you don’t have to keep track of each one separately.

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Listing Fee: you’ll see if the piece is listed at auction or on your website. Sometimes, the piece is listed for free at online auction sites. You can also get a piece listed for free if you want to auction it off. You can remove this column if it is listed.

Retail Price: you should see if the piece is listed at retail price or wholesale price. A piece is usually sold at retail price if you look at the wholesale price on the piece itself. But, sometimes jewelry pieces are sold as “gently used” pieces.

In this jewelry inventory spreadsheet, you’ll see the types of gems and the value of the gems. If you’re selling jewelry, you’ll need to look at the retail price, which is the retail price of the piece. The piece must be available at retail price for you to sell it. PLEASE LOOK : iso 27001 controls spreadsheet

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