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A scatter plot is a graph that displays the relationship between variables on a single axis, usually a line. The data points are plotted within the horizontal axis and from the x-axis, the y-axis runs from left to right.

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Some data, particularly those that are continuous, such as time series data, may make a scatter plot more complicated. To make the scatter plot simpler, you can break the data into a series of bar charts and then make the trend lines easier to follow.

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A line that connects the start and end points can be used as a starting point for plotting trend lines. The data that is plotted will depend on how much the points change. Plotting the data with the values of the trend lines connected to the points will help indicate the direction of the trend.

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How to Make a Scatter Plot in Google Sheets

How to make a scatter plot in Google spreadsheet depends on the types of data that are plotted. For example, if a company releases information on its net income, it would be useful to plot the most recent net income and compare it to the prior year’s results. If the market values move in a linear way, they would be easier to look at.

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To plot trend lines, you need to know how to fit a line through the points that are plotted. To do this, insert a new line between the x-axis and the trend line and label the points that are in the value range of the line.

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Label the relevant point (the point at which the line crosses the trend line) with a number. Then, insert another line between the x-axis and the value line. Label the point at which the value line crosses the trend line with a letter, followed by the original value (or the number).

Using a log scale as well as the values that are plotted as linear trends is helpful to plot the trend line. The less data points that are plotted along the trend line, the more easily the lines can be aligned.

You can adjust the positions of the lines that connect the points on the line by setting the data scaling from a -1.0 to a +1.0. Use the color scale to show the range of values that are plotted.

When the data is continuous, the slope or y-intercept may be shown. To plot the data in a scale that is not proportional to the range of the values, use the log scale. The slope is also useful to show the percentage change of each value over time.

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A sliding time line is a convenient way to display the data. Using data stretching with a sliding window will generate a smooth scrolling line that provides more information than a straight line.

How to make a scatter plot in Google spreadsheet depends on the type of data that is plotted. To make the scatter plot more useful, use the type of data in the line chart that is related to the type of data.

An overview of the line charts used to create a scatter plot can be found online. It is a good idea to understand the line charts before creating the scatter plot. PLEASE READ : how to make a scatter plot in google spreadsheet

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