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How To Use A Hotel Inventory Spreadsheet

Having a hotel inventory spreadsheet is a great tool to manage your hotel rooms. It can be used as a checklist and used to track time when it comes to service or to process check-ins.

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Without this check list you would be missing on your check-in time every week, and would likely not make it on your regular basis. In order to prepare your hotel inventory spreadsheet for tracking, you will need to know what days your check-ins will occur at your hotel. This can be done with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

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To do this, you will need to add multiple hotel categories. It is best if you can input all the different types of hotels into your spreadsheet at once. You will need to create a category for each type of hotel you own and list each one at the beginning of the spreadsheet.

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Next, you will need to enter all the guests in the hotel. This includes your customers and your own employees. It will help you with filling out the wrong people in the right categories. Remember that everyone is a guest to your hotel so you will have to enter them in the correct category.

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Add up all the hotels and their guests for the month of January in your hotel inventory spreadsheet. You can enter any number of guests, each in the proper category. The reason for having a spreadsheet is that it will allow you to look back on past months and check on how many guests were from January and where they stayed.

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Once you have the data you will need to write down the financial statement for the month and the profit or loss. Keep a log of your records, such as checks that go through at the desk, and the time when the guests arrived at the desk. At the end of the month, you will need to add up all the numbers.

Profit and loss are calculated by subtracting your expenses from your profit. You will need to subtract expenses from the total revenue that you generated from all your guests. You will also need to subtract expenses from the total sum of money that you generated from your guests and their fees.

Then you will need to calculate the total cash profit or loss. To do this, add up all the profit that has been deducted from your expenses. If you have a contract with a service provider, this will add up to the profit from that service provider.

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Finally, you will need to look over your financial statement and note the profit or loss that you had. When you have completed your report, you will need to print it off. Since it is a hotel inventory spreadsheet, you will need to print out your spreadsheet for each day of the month and start adding up the numbers from day to day.

As mentioned before, a hotel inventory spreadsheet is a great tool to keep track of all your hotel stays. Make sure that the hotel that you stay at has a small print sheet in its phone book, or maybe in the lobby of the hotel. This will help you with writing down the visitors that you did not recognize and who were listed under other names.

To recap, you will need to write down the visitors that were important in writing the financial statements. Once you have added them up, you will need to see how many people are from January and where they stayed at your hotel. This is just a basic example of using a hotel inventory spreadsheet, but it gives you an idea about what is possible without too much expense. YOU MUST SEE : home maintenance spreadsheet

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