Formatting Excel Spreadsheet

Formatting Excel spreadsheet is a necessary step in ensuring the spreadsheet is properly formatted to create an easy to read format. Here are some of the basic formatting procedures you can take advantage of.

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First, right click on each sheet cells and select Format Cells. A new dialog box will appear where you can choose which type of formatting will be applied. You can either use round brackets or just the numbers and commas for columns. If you select nothing, you will not have to worry about other types of formatting.

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Second, right click on cell references in each cell and select Format Reference. If you need to format cell references that are selected in another tab, select Format Sheet and then click Back to return to the original cell. Right click on the reference cells and choose Format Cells. You can use the command:

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Formatting Excel Spreadsheet

Third, drag your mouse from the bottom of the screen to the top and you will find the item has turned into a little thumbnail view of the full width of the cell. Click anywhere inside the reference range and the mini thumbnail will turn into a full width thumbnail, displaying the entire cell.

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Fourth, you can highlight the reference cell by clicking on the icon that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Use the Edit link, Select All button, or Alt + A + Down arrow keys to complete this process.

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Fifth, type your text at the bottom of the reference row. This is where the font size can get important. If you do not know how to change the font size, check out the dialogue box on the Edit link. Use the “Change” button at the bottom of the window to change the size of the text.

Sixth, use the arrow keys or your mouse to ensure the font has been changed appropriately. If you do not see the font size change when you change the font size, try closing the properties dialog box. The font size can change depending on what program was used to convert the text to the format. Try using the Open With dialog box to use the right format on the right device.

Seventh, go to the formula toolbar, and choose Insert -> Value at the bottom of the new row. Type the text and ensure the Format text box is selected. Finally, change the cell references from parenthesis to brackets. Again, the Format References will be different depending on what program was used to format the text.

Eighth, right click on the current sheet, and select Format Cells. A dialog box will appear and you can adjust the format as you did in the previous steps. This time, you will find the Format buttons on the upper left hand side of the dialog box. You can use Alt + F4 for Find out What Format is selected in the Format Reference dialog box, or the Format buttons on the ribbon if the reference is not found.

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Ninth, you can use either command (F2) to edit or type your text and check that it appears in the current format. Ensure the font size matches the desired size.

Tenth, once you have the text formatting, insert the text into the main body of the document and the formatting is complete. Once you have finished with the text, close the cell. Repeat for the main text, paragraphs, and footnotes.

Formatting Excel spreadsheet can be done in many ways, but there are specific steps you should take to make sure it is formatted correctly. There are many options available for formatting so the only real way to ensure the format is correct is to test all the formats you need to change to ensure that the formatting is correct. Use the Alt + F keys to make sure the formatting you want is active, and then check the Format button to check that the text is in the format you desire. SEE ALSO : forex trading journal spreadsheet free download

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