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Excel expense reports are designed to track expenses of business and personal individuals. It is the preferred accounting software for this purpose. However, with the advent of different forms of electronic expense report, Excel expense reports are replaced by other alternatives like PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and HTML spreadsheets. Though the difference in the pricing is not that big, but Excel expenses are still more cost-effective because they are used frequently.

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The main benefit of using expense reports in Excel is the financial summaries, which are based on the actual costs incurred rather than the previous estimated expenses. Though this is true, it should be remembered that expense reports should be accessed in spreadsheet format only if the information is already in full text. Otherwise, these reports can also be stored in text files.

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One of the advantages of using Microsoft Excel as your accounting software is that you can convert the reports into the more popular formats that will help you share your accounting data with the clients and vendors. This way, your data becomes easier to share with others, regardless of whether you use Spreadsheet formats or HTML formats.

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How to Format Expense Reports in Excel – Easy and Effective

There are several easy ways to convert Excel expense reports into more appealing formats. They include the following.

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You can simply copy and paste the content of your Excel reports to your favorite word processor and alter the formatting. For a more custom feel, you can also change the font size and color.

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For those who are having trouble with spreadsheet formats, you can change the fonts, headers and footers of the text file. This is easier to do when the report is in text form. You just need to replace the word “spreadsheet” with “text file” and then change all the formats to the ones that suits you best.

The most convenient method is the one that opens the report in a separate window. This can be easily done in Excel. You just need to follow the instruction below.

Select the report, then click “File” and choose “File > Open” from the menu. Alternatively, you can also select “File” > “Save As”. If the reports are not saved as an RTF file, then you will have to find and open a new text file and copy the entire contents of the report.

To format the charts as a bar chart, copy the contents and paste it to a chart window. You will have to customize the title for the chart if you are looking for any. Otherwise, you can just copy the chart’s title and use it as you like.

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After copying and pasting, you will have to change the format that fits your preference. To format the charts in excel as a bar chart, then you have to fill the attributes of the Excel chart like format, data, line height and colors. The length of the bars can be customized with this attribute.

After opening the expense report in Excel, change the formatting of the chart, and format the rows and columns accordingly. This way, you will have formatted the report with great precision and exactness. YOU MUST LOOK : email contact list template

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