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If you are interested in what a sample spreadsheet may look like, here is an example of what a typical spread sheet might look like. Please note that I use the term “spreadsheet” to describe the overall concept here.

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These are all very common sheets and they have been around for years. The two we will be looking at today are the following:

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Sample Report J: This is a book written by a mathematician and physicist J.E. Euler. He was the first person to actually write down a complete mathematical solution to Newton’s equations and it was not until 1913 that he actually discovered a way to simplify the method of finding solutions.

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Sample Report J was published after Euler had developed his General Method of Combining Solutions. In this work he presents how he found these solutions. Here are some of the methods he presents.

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The first step of solving a problem is to find the true solution. This is because true solutions need not necessarily be symmetrical. This can be difficult in certain cases when there are many solutions to a problem and not all of them are symmetrical.

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The first fundamental piece of this method of finding solutions is to know how to enumerate all of the symmetries present in the data. In this case Euler was able to do this by taking a number of lines drawn from one point to another.

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In order to make the data fit in the line, the data has to move in the direction of the line. The data would have to be that very little larger than the line, so that any small changes in the position of the data could be easily accounted for by the position of the line. If the data was quite a bit larger than the line, then the data would not move in the correct direction for the line and would not be easily able to go over the line.

The data is then divided up into pairs of lines and each pair is labeled. Euler starts by looking at the right hand side of the left hand vertical bar of the row. Then the same goes for the left vertical bar.

Now all of the pairs are classified into two categories, those that are parallel and those that are not. Parallel pairs would be those that lie on the left or right hand side of the horizontal lines. The ones that are not parallel are those that do not share the same horizontal line with the first pair.

The next step is to look at the pairs that are parallel and compare the heights between the first and second pair. Those that are not parallel are those that are taller than the first pair.

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As mentioned, Sample Report J was written about a century ago and is now available as a book. There are many resources on the Internet that can assist you in making a sample spreadsheet for your own use. PLEASE LOOK : estate planning spreadsheet

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