Can An Excel Spreadsheet Be A Database

Can an Excel spreadsheet be a database? I doubt it. Database may have a bad connotation but Excel is not meant to be a database. But in this article, we will see that you can still use Excel to store information and the right tools.

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Why should you use Excel? The main reason is it is simple and user friendly. All you need is a password. You can create as many Excel worksheets as you want.

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We have the basic formula to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and find average. You do not need any complex formula in your sheet. You can use the basic formulas in Excel spreadsheet. It has a helpful built-in calculator as well.

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Can an Excel Spreadsheet Be a Database?

Another reason why you can use Excel to store information is the multiple-use feature. You can assign your data to groups of specific categories. You can make notes on the database with pen and paper. You can do all this while having the database open at the same time.

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You can assign worksheets to any group. You can track events or activities in the same sheet. You can store information about the number of employees, the revenue from the products or services sold and so on. And all this can be done in a single spreadsheet.

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You can use any application software to upload and retrieve the data from the database. Most of the applications are very easy to use. All you need is the Excel file and some application software.

Having this in place will make you able to track data easily and quickly. It will help you in organizing the data and making charts.

You do not need to own a spreadsheet in order to use it. You can save the data in this file from other applications. Or you can use one of the open source software for creating and editing Excel files.

If you are one of those who have used Open Office to create a spreadsheet, then you can take advantage of this to create Excel files. The benefits are very large.

For example, you can make open source software and share it with your co-workers. With it, you can share with other people at the same time. You can check each other’s work and share as well.

Using a database has many advantages over a spreadsheet. But using the same database to store information is more convenient. Hence, you should use it for storing important data. LOOK ALSO : call center shift scheduling excel spreadsheet

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