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Why Bill Sheets? When is the last time you used a spreadsheet software program? If you have not, it’s time to find out.

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There is no greater gift than time and when it comes to financial planning there is no more important commodity than the money you earn or spend throughout the day. Time spent with a calculator or manual calculation can actually lead to higher bills for unexpected expenses and a lower cash flow of savings. Hence, why Bill Sheets is recommended by so many planners, hedge fund managers, fund investors and economists.

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While a standard table finance sheet can be used to plan the portfolio as a whole, its use in detail as a management system for individual funds or commodities is what makes Bill Sheets so great. This is because of the simplicity of the functions it provides that allows anyone to calculate their portfolio and understand where their money is going.

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Bill Sheets – Excel Excel for Finance

Like the original Excel spreadsheet that was created back in 1981, it uses accounting guidelines from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) as well as other standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). For accounting purposes, Bill Sheets uses mathematical procedures to determine the net asset value of a given allocation of assets, leaving no subjective factors such as price. It also incorporates a format for sharing data and even printing it out for easy access.

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The basic Bill Sheets version is free, but there are also a number of other simpler versions for a monthly fee. They are available on all the major platforms from the Apple iPad to Android-based smart phones. Their features include the ability to create unlimited number of folders and subfolders, making it possible to store and access your data from anywhere you can connect to a computer and an internet connection.

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The ability to easily create graphs is another feature that makes it very easy to keep track of your daily expenses over the week or month. This feature enables you to choose any type of financial data and chart it against similar periods in the past.

A separate board for this board can be used to compare your entire financial picture. Most can even be converted into an online version for you to access at any time without having to physically print them out.

Aside from the basic function of having an organized chart of your assets, securities, interests and income, one of the most popular features of a spreadsheet software program is its ability to automate the complicated and time-consuming tasks associated with keeping your portfolio current and updated. This kind of software can even act as an automatic entry of trades and closing orders, which are done automatically after every trade is entered.

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Therefore, if you want a way to keep up with your investments, your financial planning and every bill payment, it’s time to get started using Bill Sheets. Even if you’re an early adopter and don’t have much experience with financial management, Bill Sheets can be easily downloaded and installed to your computer.

The software’s popularity is due to its simplicity and easy-to-use interface that make financial management, investments and investing simple for anyone. It has a smooth navigation and can handle a large number of variables including changing currency exchange rates, interest rates, stock market index holdings, bond indices and other financial instruments.

Creating and managing a financial portfolio management becomes a breeze with Bill Sheets. Those who are already into their own financial management will find a lot of advantages in utilizing Bill Sheets to create and manage their financial portfolio. YOU MUST SEE : big data spreadsheet

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