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Attorney case management is an integral part of every attorney’s portfolio. A well-organized file, with its appropriate organization of documents and paperwork, is the first step towards better legal practice and a better understanding of the law.

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A typical attorney works in two phases: the first is the discovery phase, during which the attorney is gathering information from opposing parties to prove that they did not commit the offense in question. This phase is followed by the prosecution phase, during which the attorney is creating a criminal case against the accused. These two phases are interlinked: during the discovery phase, the attorney must identify whether there is sufficient evidence for the client to prosecute the defendant.

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During the prosecution phase, the attorney must now connect the case to the client’s interest. At this point, it is the responsibility of the attorney to take note of all the relevant documents, or memoranda, that might be relevant.

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What Law Firm Needs to Run a Successful Case Management System

The problem arises when the attorney has no idea how to take care of this information himself, let alone his own attorney, or another attorney for the same law firm. The solution to this problem is a case management spreadsheet. A spreadsheet can make the attorney’s life much easier, by adding to the abundance of available information in a law firm, either making things easier for the lawyer to communicate with other attorneys, or making it easier for the lawyer to keep track of all the pertinent information.

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When an attorney files a lawsuit, he needs to gather all the pertinent information to prove the claims made in the case. There are two methods for taking care of this information. First, and the most reliable method, is to manually copy the legal documents in a file on their own, which might require the assistance of other attorneys.

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Second, the attorney can submit the documents to his case management software, which can then be easily formatted and organized into a legal case management spreadsheet. This means that the entire law firm now becomes efficient in managing all the legal documents efficiently, saving time and effort for the other attorneys. The software program can also allow the attorney to copy and paste information from other legal documents, such as the invoice, so that the various attorneys can easily collaborate on case management. In addition, the attorney will have a quick and easy way to have contact with other attorneys in his law firm.

If the attorney has to perform both of these tasks simultaneously, a third option exists, and that is to let a third party manage the case management and sharing. In fact, any third party who is able to manage such a system, can be a perfect choice for the task.

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To date, a large number of software programs are available in the market today for use by attorneys. These programs can be used for general or specialized purposes.

One software program commonly used by attorneys is an electronic file management application (formerly known as Docology). Docology makes it possible for a lawyer to keep track of all the relevant documents and files of his law firm, with a simple click of the mouse. With Docology, a lawyer can create and update any information he wants with the click of a button.

More advanced and more powerful programs exist, such as the master file management software, which is generally used for legal documents. However, for those who need a complete file management system, these are generally only suitable for those lawyers who have a large law firm.

Finally, the attorney’s paper trail has to be kept right. Thus, a law firm must employ a suitable software program, such as Docology, to keep a file management system. YOU MUST SEE : attendance tracking spreadsheet template

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