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Amazon Seller Spreadsheet gives you easy and fast access to important information about your business. You can use this tool to monitor your statistics and to check if your numbers are moving up or down. And most of all, you can easily check the profitability of your business. Here’s how you can access it:

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The first thing you need to do is to create a new account on Seller’s Site (it’s free) and create a Business Page. From here, you can edit your business’s profile and enter your product details. Once you’re done, you can run your business by selecting “Statistics” from the main menu and check the “My Products” box.

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At the next screen, select “My Products”, press “Submit” and you can download your new Seller Spreadsheet. Since this is your first time using this, you’ll have to wait for the verification of your details.

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Use the “Upload and Run” feature of Amazon Seller Spreadsheet to connect to your account with the source and verify your email address. You can now choose “Create Job” from the main menu and choose “Product Profitability”.

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Once the profitability is confirmed, you can enter the link of the product in the bottom section of the screen. The seller spreadsheet will automatically search for new sellers based on the market you are targeting and will assign them with the product.

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The profitability will be calculated based on the best and the worst selling price. Amazon Seller Spreadsheet will make the right adjustment based on your sales.

After the product profit is calculated, you can select it and run it through the statistical tools. One of the important tools you can use is “Virtually Unbiased” which will measure the performance of every seller with the same product and filter out the obvious ones.

You can also run statistics on the most profitable products that you’ve sold or sell currently. Select “Comparable Products” and then check the option “The Products With the Same Name”.

Productivity statistics can be very helpful because it shows how productive your sellers are and how many of them are online. The productivity report will provide you with the raw data that you can use to analyze the productivity of your sellers.

Another important statistic that will be displayed on the page is the total sales (that is, sales made to consumers). If you are into building a niche market, you can check if your products are selling well by considering “Top 10% Sales”.

When you’re using Amazon Seller Spreadsheet, you don’t have to be an expert to use it. You just need to know some things about this tool like its features and how it works. LOOK ALSO : alternative to excel spreadsheet

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