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Time tracking software is a great thing if you’re planning to hire someone else to help manage your time. But with all the time tracking software available, how do you choose the right one for your business?

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Whether you have employees or not, it’s important to find out how much time your employees are spending. If it’s too much, then you’ll be cutting into their income, and if it’s too little, you may need to re-train them.

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It’s a good idea to create a list of your employees’ jobs. For example, “X spends five hours each week managing his account”. When doing a time tracking spreadsheet, you want to make sure that the people listed are the ones who actually spend the most time on the tasks.

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Time Tracking Software: Finding the Right One

You can find this information using a spreadsheet or online. But if you want to get more detailed, then you might want to use time tracking software. This way, you can track expenses and see how much you’re spending.

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Good software will be easy to use, even for the newbie. Most of the time you just need to enter the time period you’re looking at (for instance, the last seven days), the employee’s name, job title, the date they worked, and the time period you’re looking at.

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You can usually buy payroll software, and even free payroll software, if you’re an employee. But if you’re the owner, then you should purchase payroll software since it allows you to keep more accurate records.

Time tracking software allows you to have a specific time line to follow your employees. In case of employee turnover, you can easily see which employee is responsible for where in the time line. If there are problems with a pay check, you can see what exactly went wrong.

Time tracking software is easy to use. You can choose to either leave it on automatic or make sure that you enter in the time line manually.

When calculating the time line, you can choose to compare two different time periods – one before the time line, and one after the time line. So if you don’t want to keep up with payroll, then a spreadsheet is definitely not going to work for you.

Another thing to look for is whether or not payroll software is going to charge a monthly fee. If so, you should ask yourself if that’s something you can afford.

A good time tracking spreadsheet software is going to allow you to see all the details in a very easy to read format. And a good one will even let you input as many details as you want into one screen. SEE ALSO : time off tracking spreadsheet

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