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Spreadsheets for Dummies is a book by Susan Weinschenk and Joseph Henrich that teaches you how to use Microsoft Excel as a data entry tool. It has been a very popular text book for years and more recent editions have been updated to include more than 20 modules on various forms of data entry. The book also comes with a Microsoft Excel template, a free spreadsheet and instructions for making your own customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

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How does Spreadsheets for Dummies work? Well, first off, it is not a generic “how to” book on spreadsheets. It is actually intended to teach how to make yourself a workable spreadsheet program. And this can be achieved in a few ways:

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o There are already dozens of Excel alternatives such as Cellout, Excel for Workbook, Workbooks Pro, Projectile, DataForge, VBA, Exportables, ExcelPlus, Tools for Excel, Office Cut, Comma Separated Values, VBA Wizard, and many others out there. o Use a third party spreadsheet such as Excel for Mac or Excel Mac.

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What Is a Spreadsheet For Dummies Book?

o Use third party tools such as PivotTables and other XML exports or tables or tools for code editing. o Use modules such as QuickAssist, the Ribbon, the Web Browser, the “Show On Right-Click” feature, macros, PowerPivot, Workbooks, Templates, and many others. o Work with other spreadsheet programs such as Access, Lotus, Base, or Lotus Notes.

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These are all great options, and you should really consider using any of them if you can. But Spreadsheets for Dummies is specifically written for people who already know how to make Excel work as a data entry tool.

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For the new person looking to learn about spreadsheets, then most of the examples in the book can be used over again. However, the book has some guidelines to follow and suggestions to make.

I do recommend that you get a complete spreadsheet or spreadsheets for dummies guide if you are new to spreadsheets. I have had so many people tell me that they will buy the book only to find out that they never got the information they needed because they did not have a guide.

One thing that is particularly nice about Spreadsheets for Dummies is that the author states upfront that it is not a sales pitch or “how to” book. I was a bit surprised at how she avoided some of the common marketing tactics that companies use when writing and promoting their books. The book is organized in a good way and explains things in a straightforward way.

While reading Spreadsheets for Dummies, you will learn about the various features that make up Excel. You will learn about how to manage the different sheets and the functions that the function keys perform. You will learn about formulas and how to manipulate them in the right way.

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Also, you will learn about how to use this amazing piece of software with multiple accounts or businesses and with multiple computers. So, in essence, you will become a programmer! Really, the chapters in the book that deal with these aspects are very comprehensive and really help you understand this extremely powerful software better.

Lastly, Spreadsheets for Dummies by Susan Weinschenk and Joseph Henrich is a really good book. It contains both business and personal information on how to use spreadsheets as a data entry tool and is very easy to read and understand. LOOK ALSO : spreadsheets for business

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