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When planning a project, some prefer to use the project tracking excel spreadsheet. A project tracker allows you to input the tasks required for a given project and keep track of the date-to-be-completed for each. The output spreadsheet also displays time and other essential details regarding each task.

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Most project managers prefer to use the Excel spreadsheets that can easily be linked with the project manager’s excel spreadsheet, if there is a need for communication or sharing of tasks among various parties. However, many of these project managers find it convenient to develop their own spreadsheets to generate project tracking reports.

Using Excel For Project Management Intended For Project Tracking Excel Spreadsheet

The project tracking excel spreadsheet allows the task organizer to insert notes within a given cell. This prevents the project manager from creating unnecessary entries by inserting unnecessary information. Moreover, project tracking excel spreadsheet does not require users to go through various forms to input relevant data. The data is automatically put into the right cell of the spreadsheet and the cell is automatically updated when data changes.

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Project Tracking Excel Spreadsheet – Simple But Effective

A project tracking excel spreadsheet helps you organize your task list and make sure all tasks are planned in their proper categories. The spreadsheet provides a way to group tasks into sub-categories, and links each task to the corresponding cell in the spreadsheet. When assigning each task to a project team, the spreadsheet provides a means to collect various teams into the appropriate category.

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Guide To Excel Project Management - Projectmanager And Project Tracking Excel Spreadsheet

The project management spreadsheet is ideal for project management and monitoring purposes. Once completed, it enables you to view all the completed tasks and comments from your team members. You can assign tasks and review the progress of the project in terms of complete jobs or completed tasks, completing schedule, dates of completion, status of results, time, and so on.

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For project managers, tasks can be viewed in terms of completion percentage. A complete percentage isrepresented by the number 100%. This statistic denotes how much the job was completed on time. Similarly, a partial percentage is represented by the number of jobs that were given in complete and incomplete status.

The task time line can be used to display the days required to complete a task, or the time it takes to complete each task. When you think of the number of days to complete a task, you might notice the term week, day, and so on. The project tracking excel spreadsheet provides you with this data in graphical form.

In the task evaluation sheet, you can check for the actual completion of each task, the number of tasks per day, the total number of completed tasks, the percentage of the tasks being completed, the completion time, and so on. In addition, the task graph displays the number of tasks in the past few days.

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Project management spreadsheet also has the ability to evaluate the quality of work assigned to team members. You can check whether the team member has completed tasks satisfactorily or not. You can even link it to the task ranking list in your project management excel spreadsheet to evaluate the rate of each team member and assign tasks accordingly.

Project management software can be used for different purposes, but to some extent the same basic features are required. Hence, whether you are using it for project tracking, or for managing the overall project activities, there are several similar features which make the application effective.

These excel spreadsheet tools are quite easy to set up and even more popular. All you need is access to a web server, and you are good to go. You can easily integrate the software with your website and customize it for your needs. READ ALSO : project tracker spreadsheet

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