Project Resource Management Spreadsheet

A Project Management Spreadsheet

There are many projects and items that need to be recorded as a project’s work performance in order to allow for the recording of important data and information needed by people involved in the project. This project management spreadsheet is an excel-type document that uses formulas to store data, information, and feedback between each project’s tasks.

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A Project Management System, also known as PMS, has been developed by the Business Corporation International (BCI) to support the organization and program managers of projects. This BCI project management software has a great deal of potential applications to project managers who have the ability to use it as a powerful tool to manage a project and its tasks. Here are just a few of the many applications of this BCI project management spreadsheet:

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Project tracking: Every task performed on a project must be tracked. For a business with many projects and several people involved, the business may wish to have a spreadsheet program installed that provides an easier way to track all the projects and tasks completed by every member of the staff. The project management spreadsheet allows a manager to use the data it has stored in it to analyze how well the manager is using their resources and to pinpoint the areas where resources are being used to the best of their ability.

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Manage activities: There are times when a manager is looking at a task and sees that they can better get to the next task if they are able to complete the activity first. By tracking the activities performed, a manager can see if they are reaching their project goals. It is often good to have a spreadsheet program to track the tasks and activities of a business, especially when there are many tasks and activities to track.

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Task list: When a manager comes to the end of a project, they may wish to create a list of tasks and resources to add to their project, in order to keep track of what resources are still available to be used, or if any resources were added, when they were added. Using a project management spreadsheet can provide a good place to track their resources and activities for a given project. This can include other necessary resources such as computers and the time it takes to access them.

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Measure progress: It is important to keep track of a project’s completion, especially with the help of a spreadsheet program. If the manager needs to know how much money is being spent on a project, it is important to keep track of that. Tracking the income a project makes and the costs incurred through the process of completing the project can be done simply by using a project management spreadsheet.

Update the status of the project: After a project is completed, it may be necessary to update the status of the project in order to record a new project, or to notify the organization of changes to the status of the project. For example, a project may have moved from “future” to “current.” It may have moved from “sustained effort” to “actively managed.”

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End the managing project tasks: A manager may have to leave the project and move on in order to return to the business that employs them. This is often the case for projects that are above the level of success of the manager. By keeping a good record of the current status of the project, a manager can easily go back to doing what they were doing before, or transferring the tasks to someone else who can accomplish them more efficiently.

Keep track of resources: Every project may require the use of resources, such as computers, telecommunications, or water, in order to carry out the project. Using a resource management spreadsheet, a manager can easily keep track of the cost and what resources the business uses. There is a considerable amount of information and data that a resource management spreadsheet can keep track of, which makes it useful for managers and employees.

A resource management spreadsheet can be very useful for a project manager. The benefits of using a resource management spreadsheet are many.

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