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If you own a business or a small business, you may want to use Personal Finance Sheets (PFS) to keep track of your finances. You can import the PFS into Excel and use it as a master list for all of your financial transactions. You can also pull out the records and use them when you need to make a financial decision.

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You can run down the list of every financial transaction that occurred within your business over the past year and create a transaction list that will allow you to do some inventory. In many cases, the records are large and you will want to download the report from the bank, but in other cases you will need to prepare your own report. One option would be to export the data to another application such as Visio, which allows you to view and organize the data on a template.

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You can either insert the data on a spreadsheet, or just enter the data into a simple text document that you can get ready in a few minutes. Either way, you can print the results if you need to and have a copy of your spreadsheet with your financial transactions written down. If you do have this information, you can easily find them when you are researching for a financing deal.

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One option that you may want to explore is to use Personal Finance Sheets as a template when you prepare the PFS. You can use it for your financial future planning and you can have a list of transactions printed out for use in your next day or two meetings with lenders. It will also save you a lot of time if you find something new that you don’t know.

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Another thing that you can do is to scan your financial documents and convert them to CSV format so that you can import them into Excel. There are two things that you should know about this. First, it can be expensive to produce the documents that you need for analysis in this format. Secondly, this can be time consuming.

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You will need to know how to turn the data that you have entered into Excel into CSV format. This will take some work, but it can save you a lot of time and help to simplify your job. You will need to have an Excel add-in and a Microsoft Office function.

Once you have these functions installed, you can run Personal Finance Sheets with the defaults and import the transactions from the finance reports. Make sure that you set the numbers that you want to import to columns. The main numbers that you will need to type in are the purchase date, the amount, the interest rate, the payment date, the interest rate for the last few months, and the balance for the month.

Excel will automatically do the importing for you. This will give you a tabular report that will allow you to see the entire history of your finances. You can now create a new chart by clicking on the charts tab in the report.

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Accountants like to see the sales history, too. If you have sales reports that show only your monthly profits, there are versions of Personal Finance Sheets that will let you pull out your income from the day you made the sale. This can be an advantage when the finance reports are updated periodically.

You may want to have a chart that shows a comparison of one month to the next and choose one option to show the results. A spreadsheet can let you drag and drop individual lines to see the results, and you can create several charts. In some cases, you may need to figure out a technique to break up the data so that you can do the charts easily.

You can easily create one personal finance sheet that you can do your analysis on. This will save you a lot of time in the long run and you will be able to have a lot of information readily available when you need it. in a pinch. READ ALSO : Personal Finance Excel Spreadsheet Free

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