Linen Inventory Spreadsheet

If you own a business that sells products made from linen, it’s vital that you have a good data base on which to base your information. Such a database can be incredibly important if you have a business and are not yet profitable.

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Essential Features of a Linen Inventory Spreadsheet

To date, a linen inventory spreadsheet has not been developed, but this should not stop you from creating one. If your business is serious about using this spreadsheet, the following are essential features that need to be incorporated into your system.

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Cost reporting: This should be one of the first things you add to your spreadsheet. It should be a straightforward feature, but the details will be key in determining whether your spreadsheet is cost effective.

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Discounts: You will want to make sure you include all of the discounts that you offer. These can be for anything from free shipping to $50 of discounts on your final order.

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Rewards Program: The very nature of the business means that you will need to plan in advance for this part of your spreadsheet. You’ll also want to make sure to reward your loyal customers in the form of prizes, free gifts or even cash.

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Service Offerings: In general, your business will sell the same types of goods and services, so include service offerings here. But make sure that your costs for other services will offset your expenses for your own service offerings.

Training Materials: This one may seem obvious, but most businesses have trouble meeting training requirements due to lack of funding. The same goes for other training materials, such as videos, manuals and other instructional tools.

Competitive Prices: You may be able to lower the cost of your goods through competitive pricing. This should be included in your inventory spreadsheet, because it can make or break your business.

Available Coupons: These can help you manage costs that you would otherwise not consider. Make sure you include all of the available coupons in your spreadsheet, as well as any additional discounts you may offer to customers.

Sales Commission Information: Companies like to make sure that they know who is responsible for a sale, so they will want to find out if a particular sale was made by you. That means you’ll want to include information regarding your sales commission in your spreadsheet.

As you can see, there are many features that will be helpful in running a successful business. Add any other features you think you may need to your linen inventory spreadsheet so that you can get a good base to build upon. READ ALSO : learning excel spreadsheets

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