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You can learn Excel and many other programs online free. They are not expensive and are very easy to use.

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It’s worth knowing that if you want to learn more about spreadsheets you need to understand what they are, where they come from and what they do. Because of this it is worthwhile to look at the history of them and how they have developed.

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Before you learn about the history of excels you need to know that they were developed in France in the 16th century. In fact a large part of their development was due to the work of the mathematician, Gottfried Leibniz. During the late 1700s it became apparent that the data stored in them were in a structured format and then simple calculations were performed by a master computer.

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Excel is basically a spreadsheet program. Spreadsheets are all about organizing the information in a way that makes it easy for you to make quick decisions.

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One of the most important functions of spreadsheets is that they allow you to make a selection on which column of information to read. This is called the primary data and the column that contains the data from the chosen list is called the secondary data.

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You can change which information you would like to be available from each of the cells by making a selection on the column that you want to read. To create the secondary list of data you then have to set a value in the cell that you want the data from the selected list.

Since you will be making your choice from the primary list, you can select to change which information is read by entering the number of data items you want available. Then you can either choose to select all of the data in the column or select one item at a time. Since spreadsheets are in effect a way of grouping data together, there is no need to repeat this information for each row. You can simply select the row that you want to read and then a check box allows you to select the items you would like to read in the row.

Excel is very popular because of its functionality. It can be used to perform complex calculations such as those needed for stock market analysis.

The important role that spreadsheets play in all of the modern technology is recognised by many software engineers. You can use your spreadsheets in many ways.

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You can use Excel to create a customized financial report. You can use them for generating reports on products, services and suppliers. PLEASE LOOK : learn excel spreadsheet

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