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If you are selling products online, you need an invoice template. Some online retailers sell thousands of products each month, and all of these products must be ordered online, with the manufacturer on the customer’s side of the invoice.

Bill Invoice Template

Small businesses make use of such templates for at least one thing: to have their stock information right on the invoice. If you are a business owner, and you are selling products on eBay, this is absolutely essential. It is how your customers will know what the product you are selling is, as well as how much they have paid for it.

Bill Invoice Template Word

An invoice template is a word document that you are going to write in Microsoft Word that contains all the details about the product you are selling. It can contain all the prices, all the fame, all the pictures, etc. However, you will not be able to get any added information or promotions at this point. This is where you will need an invoice template.

Creating Invoices

How To Sell Online

You will need to have a line that has the word “INVOICE” somewhere near the top. This is what people are looking for, so you should put it on the first line. The rest of the line should contain the total amount of the invoice that you are selling. Make sure it is not blank, and that there is also a blank space above it that says “customer invoice”.

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Invoice Template Excel Download Free

Below that will go the line you should fill in the amount you want the invoice to sell for, and what your total price is. If you want an invoice template that has a picture in it, you will need to make a picture from your computer; make sure you are using your own pictures, and that you have the actual manufacturer’s logo on it.

Invoice Template Google Docs

Then, for the remainder of the invoice, you will be required to write a line in the WordDoc. You can just put your own details here, but you will also need to insert the total amount of the invoice, and a customer’s name. You will need to have your correct shipping and billing address on the invoice as well.

The line that goes below that, will be the payment that you wish to get from the customer. You may not need to include the processing fee if you are selling online, and this can all be very confusing. But whatever you decide, it is all up to you, as this is for your customers’ protection, and for you to know what to expect from you.

With the invoice now completed, you will need to wait for the shipping date to arrive, and then make sure that you send the entire product to the customer, and make sure they get it as soon as possible. Do not leave it till the last minute, you will need to be very fast with this, and you should expect everything to be on time.

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After this, you need to take all the pictures that you had in the Word Doc, and send them to the customer, along with the shipping address, and the invoice. You should always contact the customer and inform them of any changes to the invoice, as well as the new price you are charging them.

After that, you need to start cutting and filling all the other things into the invoice, and you will need to get it to say that the customer will have to pay the total amount before the deadline. Also, make sure you include the label number. When you get your money, then you are done.

This is the first step but do not think that is all there is to it. You will need to make sure that you have a lot of stuff, but if you make it simple for yourself, you will have a successful online store. READ ALSO : invoice template quickbooks

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