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A Black and White Spreadsheets Mug With Coffee Company Logo

A good looking black and white mug is always a good conversation starter and a great gift for a coffee lover, from long lost to new friend. So this Christmas we give a gift to all our favorite coffee lovers, those who will drink that delicious cup of Java after a hard day’s work, a nice mug with the logo of your favourite coffee company printed on it!

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But we can also try a quick and easy idea that really works well – milk frother! Imagine the sense of satisfaction you’ll get by grabbing that first steaming cup of milk to start your day – perhaps without even having made that coffee!

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I love spreadsheets: a German word for “processed data”, it is the wonderful and unique product of the computer technology. The basic concept of the spreadsheets is that there are three primary columns for each cell of the paper – information. These columns contain the numbers in the cells as well as their names.

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The main advantage of this method is that if there is a change in the information, it’s immediately reflected in the other two columns. Data flows from the primary column to the secondary column, and vice versa.

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A wonderful way to use a spreadsheet’s mug for your desk is to incorporate the logo of your favourite coffee company or website. You could even write it on the inside of the mug and put it in the refrigerator with a real, fresh coffee.

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Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a mug for your desk is that it must fit nicely and not interfere with other desk accessories. This mug should be big enough to hold all the necessary items for coffee and not have to squeeze into other containers, such as a travel mug.

Some people like to drink coffee with tea. If you’re one of them, why not brew both in the same mug? Coffee has a much stronger flavour than tea and it’s always more fun!

I remember the time when the papers fell out of my hands and everyone stopped talking! You know what? I used to take up a collection for a break.

The next time you find yourself faced with this problem, have your old paper and a corner-cutting tool (preferably a thin wooden one) in your desk and cut out your ‘paper jam’ (read: unused newspaper, folded into long strips, without colour or staples). Make a few copies of each article and leave the rest on the table.

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I recommend that you mark the borders of the pieces of paper so that the coffee companies logos don’t overlap, but not so much that they are impossible to see. Later on you can move them around the table and set them at random.

Some companies offer an online advertising; you might consider this option. Send them an email and inform them about your new spreadsheets mug. You’ll be surprised how quickly they reply. YOU MUST LOOK : i heart spreadsheets mug

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