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An honest house cleaning service invoice can give you some solid proof that the service is really good. But how do you make sure that the service you are getting is legitimate? Here are a few things to look for. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of things to look for but these are the areas that are most often overlooked.

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Ask for any type of proof that the house cleaning service is providing all of the requested personal details in the contract. The invoice should have a signature on it, the address of the business, and contact information such as the cell phone number of the company or owner. If the phone number is not listed in the phone book, you may want to find out if it is available and if so, call the phone number.

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Ask if they have any guarantee about how the cleaning service will be cleaned. How the service will be cleaned is very important since a dirty house cannot be cleaned by your regular household cleaners. You need someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to cleaning a dirty house.

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4 Things to Look For in a House Cleaning Service Invoice

Do not sign the contract until you are 100% satisfied with the service you are getting. Sometimes a cleaning service has been doing a great job and you end up paying more than what you should for cleaning services. Look for a free trial offer from the cleaning service before you sign the contract.

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Ask about any hidden charges such as those that may not appear on the contract. Some companies may have overheads such as purchasing materials to be used in the cleaning process. These costs will show up on the invoice and you should be aware of them.

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Many cleaners promise that their cleaning service will be spotless and to the highest standards. To get a really clean, spotless house, do not sign on with an office cleaning service but you should check into the history of the service and ask if they truly promise a spotless house.

Look at the different details of the cleaning service. It is very easy to compare prices for the same service online and you should consider checking out the different prices when it comes to cleaning services.

For those customers who are difficult to reach, they may be out of business. If you have a tough time getting through to the owner or customer service representative, you might want to think about doing the cleaning yourself.

An honest house cleaning service invoice can help you get a great deal on the cleaning service. Make sure you find a reputable cleaning service in your area that does quality work. Check for customer reviews, or try to do a Google search on the house cleaning service.

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When you are asked to sign a cleaning service contract, read it very carefully and do not agree to anything without reading it. Any agreement or terms must be spelled out and it should include the cleaning service, you, and the cleaning service’s charges for cleaning your home.

While signing a cleaning service contract is legal, make sure that you are not compromising the quality of the service. This is why it is important to get a house cleaning service invoice before signing a contract. READ ALSOhourly invoice template

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