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Gembox Excel and Gembox Text are two of the newest free cell phone spreadsheet programs to hit the Internet. Gembox is known for its high performance and speedy download time, while Excel is great for very large, complex spreadsheets. So which one should you choose?

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Gembox Excel is the older program. While it is a little bit slower than the newer version, it is also heavier, which means that it won’t work on some cellular phones. The downside is that it is slightly more expensive than the newer version. I’m not sure whether or not the upgrade will be free with Gembox Text, but it is a bit harder to find a cell phone carrier that supports the program.

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Cell phone and email spreadsheet programs like Gembox Excel and Gembox Text are very popular. They help people manage their finances, send letters, and do other tasks. The most obvious advantage of using a spreadsheet program is that it allows you to automate your tasks. All you have to do is enter your data and let the program do the rest.

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Should You Use Gembox Excel Or Gembox Text?

This is very nice for busy people who have a lot of things to do all at once. If you want to set up an expense log, simply enter the dates and amounts for each purchase. It will automatically calculate expenses over the next month and will do the sums for you.

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The biggest downside to Gembox Excel is that it is very slow. It takes almost twice as long as other programs to import an Excel spreadsheet into the program. It also slows down the computer. It also doesn’t have a function to compare the value of two different cell prices.

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Text is even worse. Text is not a feature-rich program. There are no features at all for dragging and dropping cells, for importing, and for re-ordering columns.

If you use a cell phone spreadsheet, then you should choose a program that has a fast download time. The second biggest advantage of the cell phone spreadsheet program is the ability to export a file that you can import into Excel or another spreadsheet program. Excel has a built in function that will export your spreadsheet, which you can save to disk. If you have to download Excel to do something, then it costs money.

But since Gembox Text is so slow, you may not need to save it to disk. Even if you have an existing Word file that you can paste from, the time that it takes to load can take a while. This can be frustrating when you know that you just copied and pasted a Word document, but it takes forever to load.

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Gembox Excel also has the same speed problems that texting has. And if you need to import data from text, then you probably don’t need Gembox Text, anyway.

For the first 30 days of its existence, Gembox Excel gave away its cell phone spreadsheet downloads for free. You could always buy the software, but because the software was so new, there was a real risk that the gems wouldn’t work, so the program stopped doing this promotion.

My experience with Gembox Text has been pretty bad. The program hasn’t worked properly for me, and I have had to turn to the internet to download information about how to get it to work. I did manage to get the program to work, but it took forever.

Gembox Text, or Excel, will likely work for a lot of people. But if you’re looking for a cell phone spreadsheet program that will get the job done fast, I’d recommend picking up a copy of the older version of GemboxText. PLEASE READ : gas mileage tracker spreadsheet

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