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The single best way to make a spreadsheet to Excel work in Windows Vista is to have a copy of Excel loaded on your PC. Your computer should have Excel installed, but if it does not then you should check with your hardware vendor to see if they can hook it up. You should also be able to download and install Microsoft Office XP if you want to make a Windows Vista spreadsheet to Excel work.

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If you’ve never used Excel before, you can download the free Microsoft Office XP software and use that instead. It will help you learn about working with Microsoft’s spreadsheet program, and it is likely to be less confusing than trying to figure out Excel first.

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The same rules apply to Excel in Windows Vista, as they do in earlier versions of the operating system. Here are some tips that should help you get Excel to work as smoothly as possible.

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Excel to Excel in Windows Vista

You’ll need to know what controls go on each cell in Excel. Some are so vital that they require more focus than others; you need to find out which ones are essential before you try to fit Excel to Windows Vista.

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Other features that work differently in Windows Vista are the tabs. When you open a worksheet, a tab is automatically added to the top and bottom of the sheet. This gives you the option of viewing more than one sheet at a time if you need to, and you can also use the tabs to move between sheets.

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Start by copying and pasting from Excel into your new Vista-based spreadsheet. You might find it helpful to add a “paste” button on your keyboard; this allows you to quickly paste data into Excel as you make changes. It is also useful for pasting the code into Excel that makes it work in Windows Vista.

You’ll need to make sure that the code looks like it will work in Excel; you can use the help of Microsoft’s Developer Center. The help topic called “How to Insert Excel C# code into an existing Worksheet” should be the first place to look for help on this.

Once you understand how to insert the code into your spreadsheet, you need to actually change some of the code that works differently in Excel. Be careful to make sure that you don’t accidentally overwrite the Excel code with your own codes, or else you could cause some serious problems.

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In the “Insert Cell” window, there should be a button labeled “Use Personal Code” — click it. Then go to the “Data tab” and click the “Replace Cells” button.

You’ll then copy and paste the Personal Code you copied from Excel into the worksheet, but be careful not to write it over the existing code. If you do, you might have to take your entire worksheet down and start again.

Make sure that the Excel code works well with the data you have entered in the worksheet. If it doesn’t, you should open another worksheet to determine why the code is not working correctly.

It is possible to build a Windows Vista spreadsheet to Excel application yourself; you just need to be sure that you understand the code behind Excel well enough to put it all together in a good way. If you can’t figure out the basics easily, consider hiring a Microsoft programmer or specialist. PLEASE READ : excel spreadsheet timesheet

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