Excel Spreadsheet For Real Estate Agents

Excel Spreadsheet for Real Estate Agents will serve as a tool to make more money in the industry. The number of agents is on the rise and a lot of them are using this type of software to make money. Whether you are working alone or with a team, this is a tool that can make you earn a bigger income than you could ever imagine.

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The Excel Spreadsheet for Real Estate Agents can help you organize your time effectively. It can let you run numerous reports without getting tired of looking at your previous work. You can also customize this feature to fit with your own needs.

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The Excel Spreadsheet for Real Estate Agents comes with several modules. It has what we call the “Database module”. It has columns for various types of properties. For example, if you are searching for multiple properties to buy in the market, you can configure it to return different data for each property.

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Features of Excel Spreadsheet for Real Estate Agents

There are some other features that come with the Excel Spreadsheet for Real Estate Agents. It can export and import data from Microsoft Works, spreadsheets, MS Access. Other modules include:

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Name Master List – You can manage your name and title correctly. It can also automatically update the titles, show the abbreviations and even correct common misspellings of names.

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Search for Multiple Properties – If you are hunting for properties, this module can help you search for multiple properties quickly. It will also allow you to add, delete and edit multiple properties. It is also equipped with property value and location modules.

Properties by Property Address – As soon as you enter a property’s address, this module displays all the properties that match the address. It can also show properties within 10 miles from the current location.

Multiple Properties by Class – You can assign properties of a certain class to a particular cell. You can then refer to this cell easily. This module is extremely helpful to real estate agents.

Get News of New Property Listings – You can access and add news regarding upcoming property listings. You can also get detailed information about a property listed.

Save Your Work – This module is ideal for your notes. It saves your work automatically. There is also a feature that lets you mark your best and worst deals to keep track of.

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Report Generation – This module can generate a variety of reports that are customized to suit your needs. It comes with professional reports such as:

A Business Report – This report lets you evaluate your marketing skills. It also helps you understand how your business works and allows you to improve it in the future. PLEASE SEE : excel spreadsheet for network marketing

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