Employee Attendance Tracking Spreadsheet

How to Use Employee Attendance Tracking Spreadsheet Software

If you need to stay on top of employee attendance and tracking then you are about to be extremely excited. The problem many business owners face is a lack of time in their day to day business to keep up with employee log in schedules. Thankfully, there is an easy solution that will not only allow you to keep track of employee attendance but also show trends in attendance throughout the year.

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To begin, find a computer program to create an employee log in schedule. Some programs require you to be a member of a particular business. Others will allow you to use your current billing records, but make sure they are very accurate and well maintained.

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Next, take the employee access details and insert it into the schedule. This can be done on the schedule page of the computer program, or you can have a separate page in the program. The employee access details will typically be very basic like first name, last name, job title, date of birth, phone number, email address, and any other contact information.

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The next step is to set the schedule for each employee, make sure they know about the scheduled events, and they know when they will be required to report for work. By setting a reasonable time each employee will be required to show up for work, you can easily track how busy they are, and you can decide if you should assign additional staff to handle them. If you believe an employee’s schedule may not fit the schedule for a scheduled event, you can make an exception.

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Lastly, add an employee log entry section at the end of the schedule. There should be one entry for each employee that reports to work on the assigned schedule, but you can put more if needed.

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The major problem business owners face is creating a staff meeting schedule, creating a parent/teacher meeting schedule, or creating a morning/afternoon/evening staff meeting schedule. Having a program like this can help you do all three of these tasks in one place, as well as knowing how busy each employee is throughout the year.

With the employee access details, you can determine if a scheduled employee is supposed to be reporting at his assigned time. You can also measure employee productivity so you can know if the schedule is being followed. For example, if an employee is making too many calls during the day and he is performing less work than expected, you can consider changing the schedule.

All the information you need can be contained in an online calendar. If you have a new employee, you can create a new schedule or update an existing schedule using a computer program. To do this, you will need to insert the employee access details on the calendar, put the employee’s report for the given period, and enter the employee’s phone number and email address.

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The next step is to ask your employees to let you know if they have any concerns, suggestions, or complaints. If they have enough problems with their boss to let you know, then you can record it. Then, you can use the online calendar to send an email to the employee that is keeping the schedule inaccurate.

When you send the email, make sure you ask the employee to check their email attachments. The reason is so you know if they haven’t replied in the past hour. In the event they didn’t reply, you can make an exception.

Lastly, if the employee has been working late due to vacation or a personal issue, remind them to report to the workplace. You can use the online calendar to send an email or you can call to notify them. When you have done this, you can use the calendar to follow up with all your employees, whether it is an upcoming performance review or a customer service call. READ ALSO : easy spreadsheet app

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