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A customer tracking spreadsheet is just what the name implies. These types of reports have been around for years, but never before have they been easier to use and print.

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You can enter all sorts of information about various items you may have in your store. With these reports, you can track sales in your store, customers in your store, orders received and returned, payments received and made, and cash out items for sale. You can even track and list the weekly sales for your store.

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In fact, you can track and document a full month’s worth of transactions and still have time left over to do something else in the store. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to doing this, as well. For example, when you print your report, you will have to go through the “print” feature in your CRM software program, which may not work the first time. There’s also the issue of putting this information into a spreadsheet that other people can access, which may also cause problems.

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Customer Tracking Sheets – What You Need to Know

Thankfully, there is an easy to use alternative that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is more than capable of being a Customer Tracking Sheet. This alternative is a printable spreadsheet that can be created with a piece of software that takes about 15 minutes to set up. And, the features of this spreadsheet allow you to do more than just tracking your store and customer activity, either.

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One of the features of this product is a ability to build a database of employee recruitment. You can go through your employees to find out exactly who is taking in their paycheck. You can also go back to your database and keep track of the names of employees who leave, and of all the things they’ve purchased. Then, you can build a report that lets you find out what happened to every one of them.

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Another feature of the employee recruiting tool is its ability to track inventory. You can see how much inventory is going out each week, and then you can find out what products are going out the most often. This way, you’ll know exactly where your stock of various items is, and which products are receiving the most business. And, you can find out which products are sitting in the cold-and-damp corner of your warehouse, waiting for their turn to make their appearance.

One of the best features of the Customer Tracking Sheet is its ability to track out-of-stock items. This is especially important, if you are selling items for resale on the Internet. It can help you to figure out exactly where your inventory is and when it will be available again.

Of course, another great thing about the Customer Tracking Sheet is its ability to track inventory and sales-losses. If you’re selling your products on the Internet, you can find out exactly where your merchandise is sitting in your warehouse, and how much of a hit it’s getting. You can find out when your merchandise is on the shelf, and at what price, and you can also identify items that are sitting on the shelf and aren’t getting any business.

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You can also use the Customer Tracking Sheet to go back through your inventory to find out which items are sitting in the cold-and-damp corner and which ones are being utilized by customers. And, you can tell exactly which products are holding up better than others, and which ones are becoming scarce. This can be particularly helpful if you sell an item that gets extremely little traffic-to-retail.

You can also use the Customer Tracking Sheet to tell you which products are selling the best, and which ones are sitting on the shelf and are getting no business. This information can be useful for any kind of store, not just brick-and-mortar retail stores. It’sgood to be able to know whether an item is selling well before you put it on the shelf.

All of these features can be used to determine which products are making your customer happy, and which ones aren’t. and which items are working better than others. and which ones are sitting on the shelf and doing nothing for you. – and you can find out that too. thanks to the Customer Tracking Sheet. YOU MUST SEE : customer order tracking spreadsheet

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