Content Calendar Spreadsheet

A content calendar spreadsheet is a more complicated way to keep track of information. But it is one that could prove useful to anyone who has information that needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Content Calendar Spreadsheet Inside Editorial Calendar Templates For Content Marketing: The Ultimate List

A calendar requires a system of categories, so that the information that is organized can be accessed easily. For a content calendar, you need to take a few different factors into consideration.

Content Calendar Spreadsheet In Editorial Calendar Templates For Content Marketing: The Ultimate List

One crucial item is the type of user that will be using the spreadsheet. For instance, if you are having a spreadsheet for everyday use, then you would want to choose one that can be printed out for reference. But if you are looking for a database or electronic format, then you will want a sheet that can be attached to a computer to be used.

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Creating a Content Calendar Spreadsheet

You will also need to consider how many pages will you need to use. There are now digital spreadsheets that can hold up to five hundred pages. That means that each page can hold the same amount of information as five-hundred words in a daily newspaper.

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Another crucial factor is the way that you are going to include the information. There are several different ways to do this.

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Simple layouts are available. For example, a simple column by column structure would require two columns and four rows. A grid like layout allows you to organize the information on the same scale as a table.

Create a grid and then position the cells where you want them to be. Then copy and paste the information from the content calendar spreadsheet into the rows and columns of the grid.

Use the tabs to add more tabs and to group together the pages that you want to include. You can even add colors to the columns and rows to make them easier to see. This is another effective way to save time.

Or, you could create a label for each day on the current month. Then, you would be able to pull up a list of all the events for the month at a glance.

Keep in mind that a content calendar spreadsheet does not have to include every event. Just about any list of events can be put into a sheet. If you only need to keep track of one or two events, then you can do so with a simple spreadsheet.

The file format is very important when it comes to creating a calendar. An easy-to-read spreadsheet can be created in Word or PowerPoint. You can print them out and even use them on your home computer.

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However, if you do not like using a file format, you can always use your imagination. Create a text-based calendar in Word or PowerPoint that simply has all the information listed on the first line, allowing you to access all the events at a glance. YOU MUST READ : consultant billable hours spreadsheet

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