Blade And Soul Soul Shield Spreadsheet

Blade and Soul Shield spreadsheet are a free service that will not only let you calculate the stats of your character but also equip them. This type of spreadsheet can also be used to track your recent actions and to give you an overview of your progress to level up your character.

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Soul Shield spreadsheet offers a lot of features such as:

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A comprehensive list of all characters in the game. You can choose your favorite from different categories like Skills, Attribute, Race, Ability, Mounts, Classes, World, Boss, Items, Classes etc. If you don’t know which one to use, the one you love most is probably the one you want to use.

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Use a Free Online Spellbook to Level Up

Calculate your attributes for each character. Whether it’s your character’s basic Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, or Agility, you can easily view and change the attribute you are looking for. Different character classes have different attribute requirements so that’s why it’s recommended to use Soul Shield spreadsheet to determine which character you want to use.

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Add new Equipment to your Soul Shield spreadsheet. There are equipments to be equipped that can give you high defense. There are equipments that are very useful to cast your skills quickly.

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Soul Shield spreadsheet can track your tasks. It can also add notes to your chosen skills in case you want to remind yourself to apply the skill or apply the item in that time period. This is very convenient especially if you’re not familiar with how to do things.

You can see how fast your character’s speed is if you’re playing on a higher difficulty. See how fast you move, how many hits you take, how much damage you take, how much stamina you have left, etc. This will help you decide whether you need to give some experience points or not.

See what your friends are doing in your Soul Shield spreadsheet. Seeing that they’re not playing for the same reasons as you, you can get an idea on what to do and when.

You can go to Soul Shield spreadsheet and see where you’re at in the leveling up process. This can help you keep track of what steps to take in order to increase your power.

Soul Shield spreadsheet makes your leveling up fun. You can even change your favorite character’s equipment and skills. After you finish upgrading your characters, you can log out and enter the world again with all their updated equipment and skills.

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Soul Shield spreadsheet is the best way to level up fast. You can manage your leveling up and you can monitor your character without being bothered by other players. No need to go to a character, equip and check everything again. LOOK ALSO : bitconnect spreadsheet online

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